Enjoy a full day at out in Bali


– relax at the spa,

– eat delish seafood for dinner,

– ride horses along the Balinese landscape,

– visit the culture park and

– watch the popular Jimbaran sunset


This package is one of the best Bali Full Day Tour Packages we offer. It’s a super popular tour package because you will see so much in one day and still feel relaxed and amazed. 

Firstly you will be taken for a ride with Bali Horse Riding. We provide horses and ponies for every type of rider.

You will be escorted by a professional guide. Enjoy strolling around the beautiful countryside of Bali on the horses, guided by an experienced instructor.

Safety equipment, helmets and boots are provided. 

Next, you will enjoy a professional two hour treatment in a traditional Balinese spa. The treatment consists of a one hour full body massage and one hour body treatment. 



Our excellent service will make this journey the most memorable one for you and your family.


  • Bali Horse Riding: Ride horses or ponies and enjoy the coastal scenery, accompanied by an experienced guide and safety ride.
  • Ubud Cultural Park: Experience the remarkable architectural cultural park amongst other sights, gain a general feeling of well being, thanks to the spiritual surroundings and climate of this magical place.
  • Hours Body Spa: Enjoy the treatment of Balinese spa in two hours that consist of one hour full body massage and one hour body treatment.
  • Jimbaran Sunset: Enjoy a beautiful panoramic sunset from the top of the cliff.
  • BBQ Diner: Taste the flavor of our popular sea food dishes ala Jimbaran on the beach.



PICKUP : 08.00 AM (12 HOURS)

●  Private Tour

●  English Speaking Tour Driver



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