Do you always pack too much stuff in your bag? For most airport carriers, your carry-on backpack only should be at a maximum weight of 20 kg. Check out these packing tips and learn how to pack a suitcase / backpack for your next adventure.

Before you pack your bag for your travels, lay everything you want to take with you on the floor or on your bed.

Once you see how much you are about to take with you, be brave and eliminate about half of it because you never will use as much as you think you will and that will make the trip a whole lot easier.

Tip: Pack double-duty clothes in bag. This could be a pair of yoga leggings, serving you as a pyjama at the same time.

Tip 1) How to pack a suitcase and arrive with as few wrinkles as possible:


Start with your shoes. Pack your underwear and socks inside the shoes to hold the shape of your shoe and use every square inch of space. Once your shoes are firmly in place, fill awkward gaps with very soft items, for example t-shirts, socks or tights.

The idea behind this is to create an even layer. If you can roll any of the items, that’s even better.

Interleaving bulkier items, such as suits, jeans, dresses and skirts will minimize creasing and maximize space. Lay out the first item with one end into the suitcase and the other end draping over the edge.

Put the next item on top of this and place it the other way around. Continue in this way layering all items and alternating the edges inside to get another even layer. Finally, one by one, fold the garments back in.

Don’t include your coloured shirts in this process. I will mention more about this later on.

You are nearly a pro in packing your bags for travel. Now, time to create some magic space.

Throw a bag from the dry cleaner on top of your packing. Due to its slipperiness, the clothes will naturally adjust underneath to fill the air what may be trapped between all those layers.

Next stop: Non – clothing items such as toiletries, books and cameras. These awkward shaped objects should be places towards the middle to give maximum protection.

Remember to double-bag your toiletries to reduce the risk of staining your clothes or ruining your technical devices.

Tip 2) Don’t roll your belts:

Instead of rolling up the belts, save the space by slipping them along the edges of your case.If you are using a backpack, roll the belt and put it in the inside of a t-shirt (watch the video below).

Place those shirts mentioned earlier on top as a final layer.


Tip 3) Choose your shoes wisely:

Yes, we all love to wear the right shoes underneath the right dress etc. However, you can be smart about it and choose a pair of shoes which serves several outfits at the same time. Take 3 pairs of shoes with you. Sneakers, flip flops and evening shoes. That’s it. No more.

Make sure when you start your journey, you wear the heaviest pair on your journey, place the others along the sides of your suitcase in resealable bags.

Tip 4) Have an extra set of toiletries:

Leave your toiletries kit in your suitcase or backpack when you return home, so it’s ready for the next time you travel. I use very few things when I travel. I don’t take any fancy make ups or brushes and all that jazz. This can stay at home for once you return.

Read more about what to pack in your bag and also which backpack to choose.

Check out some other tips on how to pack a bag for travel like a pro in this video:




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