If you follow my international travel packing list, you can be sure to never forget anything you will need on the road. I try to keep my backpack as light as possible, and so should you. Keep in mind, you do not want to exceed 20KG!

If you realise that you forgot something, don’t panic. You can still buy everything on the road and sometimes it’s even cheaper than back home. Leave the ‘just in case’ items at home. You will NOT need them. I have been travelling with so much stuff at times…and then realised, I didn’t even touch it once. Make your travel life easier and travel light!

All my stuff fits in the Eagle Creek backpack. Easy. I love this particular backpack because you can open it like a suitcase and it comes with a little day pack as well. With many other backpacks you have to unpack your entire ‘house’, just because you really want to wear this one shirt which lies in the bottom of the bag. Only thinking about it gives me a headache.

I use the little daypack as my carry-on luggage, where I pack in all my electronics. You don’t want them to get smashed in your checked-in luggage.



The international travel packing list clothes:

Packing list utensils:


Packing list toiletries:


Packing list first-aid kid:

Packing list documents:

I keep my documents safe in a waterproof document bag and then I put them in my shoulder bag and carry them very close to my body at all times.

  • the-international-travel-packing-list1passport
  • ID
  • drivers license + international drivers license
  • vaccination record
  • credit card
  • extra photographs
  • travel wallet
  • cash
  • diver certification

You can be super safe (I would highly recommend to buy this bag) and stuff all your belongings in a Pacsafe.


Packing list digital devices:


All in all I never exceed 20 KG. Depending on the destination, if it’s warmer or colder, you can always buy an extra jumper in that place, if you really need it.

Now, do yourself a favour and make a ‘trial packing’. Pack up everything you think you need and go for a walk for about 30 minutes outside your house. When you come back you will see miracles take place.

Read more about how to pack a suitcase / bag for your travels and anyways about what backpack you should choose.

What do you pack in your bag if you want to go and travel the world? Please let others know and leave a comment.




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