Zanzibar. A dream holiday destination for many Westerners and honeymooners in Tanzania, Africa. I was recovering from the Kilimanjaro climb on this island when I met Emanuel. He is an orphan and he told me his story.

While some put up their feed, others struggle to make a living. Check out this interview with orphan Emanuel. Just listen to the recording.

Emanuel is a waiter at the restaurant on the beach, where I used to have my breakfast.

He lives in what many of us would call paradise. Though he doesn’t even have a room to live in. His employer is supposed to provide a room for him, but that hasn’t happened yet. Sometimes he stays with friends, other times he sleeps at the beach with the fake Massai. 

Emanuel works either from 9-4, or from 3-10, six times a week and earns 140.000 TZS a month. (That’s 51 £, 66€ or 82 US$!)

We became friends and I decided to have an interview with him about his life. His smile was the brightest of all the smiles on the island while he served people, but there were so many things he said that took mine away.

Take some time and listen to the story of an orphan, it might change your perception of the world a little bit. It’s only 15 minutes .

Asante-sana Emanuel.

I am really sorry about the background noise, but there wasn’t a quieter place to be known far and wide. You would make me really happy if you leave a comment behind.


If you would like to help people in Africa and support them with fresh water supplies and renewable energy, you can climb Kilimanjaro for a charity. For more information check out how I did it. 




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