Check out this packing list before you climb Kilimanjaro

Climbing up the highpacking-list-kilimanjaroest free-standing mountain in the world, Kilimanjaro in Tanzania is not the easiest thing you have signed up for in your life, but it’s manageable with the right preparation. Check out my ‘Packing list Kilimanjaro’ and make your climb as fun as possible.

On average, 10 people die every year climbing Kilimanjaro and thousands get carried down the mountain before even reaching the top.


Have a look through this packing list and check if you have already these essential items in your backpack. If not, you have to buy them – you’ll really need them. They are necessary for survival.

Please make sure you pack your bag with a responsible mind.

I prepared a week before my trip, which is not too bad as I usually have a bad habit of packing a few of hours before my flight (so stressful!)

This time, travelling is a little bit more serious and you should start packing as early as possible.

Enough blah blah … Print out this packing list and start ticking off the equipment you already have hanging around.

Essential Items


Supplementary list (non-essential items)

These listed items are simply things that could make your hike more comfortable or items that are not seen as essential.

  • Air mat/Thermarest*– for a more comfortable sleep

  • Walking Poles x 2*  -very useful on steep grounds and helps reduce stress on knees

  • Gaiters (keeps out small stones and water)

  • In rucksack water carrier – Platypus, CamelBak etc. The tube leading to your mouth should be insulated otherwise it will freeze on way to the summit.


Gel activated hand warmers (for summit bit, but please note that there is a growing litter problem near the summit due to people discarding these once they’re used. Put the used ones back in your bag if you’re going to use them!)

* items can usually be hired from the travel company (please double check as every company is a little different)

It’s a very good idea to wear your boots on the plane and hand carry your outer shell/waterproof jacket & medication (if you are taking any). When I flew into Kenya, the airline lost my luggage and I had to wait about one week to get it back. Lucky for me, the climb was later on so I didn’t need it right away.

Let me know if I forgot something important on my Packing list Kilimanjaro, so I can add it to the list :) Cheers and take care up there!

Read about our Kilimanjaro climb and watch my video about the porters of Kilimanjaro.






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