Information about how to register your mobile phone

Yes that’s right, you actually have to register your mobile phone in Turkey in order to use it and guess what? You also have to pay tax for that 😀

Here quickly a few steps how to do it:

1. Find the telephone’s IMEI number.

This is a unique number which identifies the mobile phone. There are a few ways to get it:

a. Pull up your mobile phone’s keypad, press these numbers: *#06#. This will display the phone’s IMEI number.

b. Turn off your phone completely, open the battery access panel, and remove the battery. The IMEI number will be displayed in the battery compartment.

c. Look on the box or in the documentation of your mobile phone.


2. Write this number down.

Keep your IMEI number in a place separate from your phone. If your mobile phone is ever lost or stolen, you can give that number to your mobile service provider and they will disable the phone, making it useless for anyone using it unless you ask them to re-enable it again.


3. Go to a local tax office.

Take your phone, its IMEI number, and your passport with you to a local vergi ofisi, or tax office. Ask for a mobile phone registration certificate, or just point to your mobile phone and say “vergi.” Pay the tax (as of 2014 it is 115 TL). You can also do this at a PTT (Turkish post office) or at a bank.


4. Go to a police station for an entry and exit document.

In some provinces, you may be required to then go to the police station to get a document showing the dates you have entered and exited Turkey. It is an additional hassle, but at least it’s free.


5. Go to the Shop of a Turkish Mobile Network Provider.

Go to a shop operated by your chosen service provider (Turkcell, Vodaphone, or Avea). If they can’t register your phone, you may need to go to their central telecommunications center.

Pay 50 TL for the registration. The clerk will check your documents and passport/residence permit, then register your phone, which should be activated within a day or so.

Good luck 🙂




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