A self-defense course should be on the to-do list of every female traveller. Harassment, kidnapping, rape, homicide, abduction, slavery, and more can happen anywhere, even in your home country.

While travelling, you are more prone to becoming a victim. You don’t know the country or the areas you’re in, you’re tired, sometimes stressed and hungry. You become open to the world and rely more on other people’s advice than you would at home. You talk to everyone and your trust is won (maybe) sometimes too quickly.

As you travel, one of the most important things you need to do is be aware of what kind of situations you allow yourself to get into. Every woman (and man!) should know how to defend themselves. With decent training, you will gain more confidence to act when the need arises.

In November 2017, a self-defense course in Bali for female travellers will take place.

The advantage of self-defense for women is that training takes you through the motions – it’s no longer theoretical. If you practice often, the response will become automatic and possibly earn you a few essential extra seconds if danger appears.

In the self-defense course you will learn how to stay safe by identifying potential attackers, as well as techniques to effectively escape a possible attack.


Self defense campThe self-defense course with be part of a women’s Jujutsu camp that is intended for women looking to improve their fitness, strength, and flexibility in a fun and rewarding environment, on the island of Bali in Indonesia. 

This course offers outstanding health benefits, challenging you both mentally and physically. 

Our jujutsu teacher leverages over strength which is key to its practicality and effectiveness even when used by smaller individuals. Our style of jujutsu includes striking, locks, restraints, chokes, throws, grappling, and weapon work. Because of the depth and practicality, it’s extremely popular with travellers, law enforcement, security, and military personnel, as well as your average person off the street.

It can all sound a little daunting if you haven’t done martial arts before, however the course is very structured and the sessions are run in an extremely supportive environment with like-minded women.

Learn these skills and more in our one week women’s self-defense camp in Bali:

  • How to use leverage over strength
  • Situational awareness and threat assessment
  • Defense against the most common attacks standing and on the ground
  • The fundamentals of striking without injuring yourself
  • The psychology of self-defense

Just as you would take a first aid course in case you ever need it, everyone should do a self-defense course to help protect themselves and their loved ones.


Who will be teaching?

Craig Ma’har 

Craig Ma’har began his martial arts journey as a child in 1982 at the Mullaloo Judo Club (nowCraig Ma'har defunct). He trained diligently for three years but wanted something more. Knowing that Judo is a less dangerous form of jujutsu, Craig sought out a local jujutsu school and began training at Jan de Jong’s Self Defense School in 1986 and has been keenly training ever since.


Craig is a direct student of both Jan de Jong and Hans de Jong since his father’s passing in 2003 and is currently ranked a 5th degree black belt. He began teaching on a regular basis in 1994 and has run numerous specialised programs and seminars for various security and martial arts groups throughout Australia and hopes to share some of his experience with you.


Social Activities

During the five day training, there will be further group bonding activities and also relaxing experiences. The social programme will include:

  • Sunrise hike to Mount Batur  
  • Visiting iconic rice paddies in Ubud
  • Visiting spring water temples
  • Day trip to the East Cost of the island for snorkeling in Ahmed  
  • One spa day, which includes full body massages and much more

Accommodation and catering will be included as part of the self defense course package.

Self-defence camp for women Self-defence camp for women

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We look forward to welcoming you when the next course kicks off. See you there!

Happy travelling!

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