Every now and then, I take students down to Stonehenge on a day trip. Trans-formative and enigmatic Stonehenge has stood for over 5,000 years reminding us of the technological achievements of a civilisation long gone.

Woven into the megalithic architecture are astronomical alignments, long distance lines and powerful Earth energies that were collected and dispersed by this ionic stone circle.

There are heaps of theories. I will tell you about my three favourites:

1. John Aubrey proposed that Stonehenge was a temple built by the Druids, the priests of the pagan Celts, who came to England in the centuries immediately prior to the Christian era.

Celts believed that demons and spirits were everywhere, along with omens and portents. They counted on their priests, the Druids, to keep them safe from trouble. The Druids were responsible for all religious rituals, because they were the only person who could talk to God.

The Stone Age Celts were creative and imaginative people. It was the Celts who invented fairies and elves. I love that idea very much. They might have believed that Stonehenge was a special entrance to the Otherworld, or a place of special healing. I love that idea even better.

The Celtic people went to the Druids for everything. If your child was sick, you went to your Druid who might cure the child with medicine they made from a plant. The Druids were the soothsayers, the seers, the teachers, the doctors, the philosophers and the lawyers in the Celtic society.

To become a Druid you had to study with the Druids for at least 20 years. The Druids had their own universities. There was a lot to learn, but now it gets really interesting:

The Romans were enemies of the Druids (Celts) and hid a lot of information about them – easily done as the Druids didn’t write down their history.

The Druids were the priestly caste of the Celtic people who were the original inhabitants of Ireland, Spain and parts of Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands. The Druids would oversee the execution of criminals, who were given as sacrifices to the gods, but they also were healers with a vast knowledge of natural medicine, they were astronomers who studied the movements of the stars and they knew that the Earth was a sphere and had a highly accurate calculation of its circumference.

2. Rupert Till, a university professor with an expertise in sound (and who also happens to be a part-time DJ) said that he believed Stonehenge was created as a dance arena for listening to “trance-style” music.

Rupert Till said that the standing stones had the ideal acoustics to amplify a “repetitive trance rhythm”.

He used a computer model to conduct experiments in sound, which he said showed that the 5,000 year old monument may have been used for ancient raves.

Hah. I love it. Absolutely love this theory as I am a raver myself.

3.Erich von Daäniken (Swiss author) claimed in 1968 in his book, Chariots of the Gods, that the technologies and religions of many ancient civilisations were given to them by extraterrestrials.

I am very much in love with this theory and it influences the building of Stonehenge as well as the Egyptian pyramids and Easter Island.

More recently, UFO believers came up with the idea about it being a place for ancient aliens to land their spacecraft.


Summer solstice at Stonehenge, June 21st:

Every year more than 20,000 people visit the ancient monument to greet the sunrise at the start of the longest day of the year. I will be part of it, very soon.

So what do you think? What’s the meaning of Stonehenge? And who built it? Please leave your comment below 🙂

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