A couple of days ago this article came up on my newsfeed and it was very popular amongst my German friends, so I thought I will translate it into English for the rest of the world 🙂 Enjoy!

They say a human being changes every 7 years.

With 6 or 7 years, we enroll into the school system for the first time. At the age of 14 we experience puberty, and at the age of 21 we go to university or practise an apprenticeship. After that we are moving into our first flat, party a lot and have lots of sex. These are all very decisive stages in our life. The most difficult one will probably be when you reach the end of your 20s. This is where, for the first time, we start to sum up our lives. Did I choose the right way, the right job, the right friends, and the right partner? Everything goes through a check room.

Becoming older is an unstoppable process. We learn a lot and every single experience makes us the person we become at the end of the journey. On this life path we meet and leave all sorts of people, we feel the consequences of our actions and make decisions. This is really hard at the end of your 20’s. We have wishes, dreams and aspirations, which very often don’t fit with each other or you can’t even define them. We know that we don’t know what we actually want. Sometimes this phase goes on for a life time or up to the point until we build our own family (because then everything changes, they say).

We strive for a job which we like and which gives us enough money to live off. We want to be independent, have a partner and travel. We want to be happy. But the job in a cool Start-up doesn’t bring the needed money, we cannot travel enough and our partner doesn’t cross our paths (or disappears) thanks to Tinder and the onlinen world. We are connected but lonely, because in this stage so many things come to an end and at the same time new ones begin.

We look back and realise that not that many people travelled the journey towards the big 30 with us anymore. We don’t dance at every single party anymore and we appreciate going to bed early. We see the ‘beginning of 20’s’ groups and cannot imagine if we were as annoying at that age. We look around and feel a little old. We don’t discuss things until they are dry and we just let things be the way they are.

We don’t give a fuck.

And this is wonderful.

But there is this feeling, some kind of restlessness, which we nearly cannot explain. Actually, everything is alright, but deep within us there is this voice getting louder, orientation taps the impossible. Was that it? Am I gonna work for the rest of my life? Am I gonna have sex with the same person? Or, will I ever find a partner? Is that my life?

At the end of 20’s. We have seen a lot, learned a lot, cried, hopefully loved and stood on our own feet. The one side within us says, “Puh, finally all the educational stuff is done. I have experienced several heartaches and feasted the nights away, I feel so much wiser!” And the other side is asking “Well yes, and now?”

For to have a family it might be too early. Travelling would be amazing, but alone or as a pair or with Mum and Dad? What are we gonna do now? Everybody feels the same. But really, we cannot change anything, right? We with our first world luxury problems. Let’s wait, maybe there will be a sign coming our way. The sign will be a solution. Such a sign will be coming, for sure! Come on stupid sign, come along!

But also without this sign we know what to do. Get out of the comfort zone! Make plans! Run risks! Attack banks! Fight against the routine! Start businesses! Let go of the regular life! And maybe also of the partner! Pack your bag! Travel the world! Live dreams! Open your eyes! Now or never! Off we go! Impossible is nothing!

And sometimes there is only one thing missing: to follow the voice in your head and to find the answers to all of the questions, courage and determination.

Source: http://imgegenteil.de/

How do you feel? Does this resonate with you? Leave your comment below!




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