Thanks for stopping by on my travel website! Please allow me to introduce myself.

Tina_DahmenI’m a world traveller. I work, study and travel whenever I can, where ever I can. I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on the list. I’ve studied Journalism, Human Rights and Business at several different universities, which are in London, Istanbul and Perth.

On this site you can read about my experiences on my travels across the globe. The feeling of freedom I have is exhilarating and it is the most addictive thing that has ever crossed my way. I’ll try to bring my stories as close to you as possible in hope they’ll inspire YOU to get out there and witness it all for yourself. Travelling is so important in the world we live in today, especially for the young people, because WE are the future.

Travel broadens people’s mindset and we get a better understanding of life. It’s a beautiful world we are living in. Seeing different perspectives will change you and encourage you to break out of the caged life! Travelling frees your soul and opens up many different possibilities along the way. Trust me.

Many people ask me: “What’s your favourite destination?” It’s too hard to tell which one my favourite as every country is so different and brings its own beauty, personality, people, culture, history and surprises with it.

During these trips, I gained heaps of life experience here and there. I’ve worked in every kind of job you can imagine and met the most amazing people who I will be friends with as long as I remain on this planet. I’ve lived in the desert of Alice Springs, worked on a cattle range and on a crocodile farm, got run over by a bull, ran away from human traffickers at the border of Thailand and Cambodia, taught English in Cambodia and so on and so forth. Last but certainly not least I established my own travel company in while I was studying in London. And I want you to do this all too! I would like to share my adventures with you guys and inspire you to go out there to do similar stuff if not the same.

Because of that I am running my own travel agency, so I am happy to assist you with finding the right trips for you, and helping you to get prepared. The best thing I could do is testing different travel trips due to my job, so I can tell you exactly what works for likeminded travellers like you and what doesn’t. Just drop me a message!

Stop looking for all these excuses. You can sell a car, you can rent out your flat and you can quit a job. Did you know that? If you’re wondering how to finance your travels, read through this blog post.

In order to become the best version of yourself, you have to experience all the different levels of consciousness and you have to go through all the existing emotions possible. I’ve faced so many different situations during my travels and I had to deal with so many problems but also amazing things, they would never have crossed my path if I would have stayed at home. You grow so much quicker on the road. One day travelling equals a month being at home. You can only imagine how quickly you grow and evolve. So, what are you waiting for? Stop hanging about on that one page and start looking for your next destination…do it now!

Furthermore I am offering the service of creating customised travel itineraries for people who love to travel in groups (school groups / group of friends / business traveller). For more information about my services, please click here.

“Earth is a school were we attend to learn lessons. In order to complete the Earth school we have to experience everything and we have to know what it is like to be everything!” – Dolores Cannon


Much Love,


If you are interested in reading the full 8 years of Tina travelling, you can get my book here. 

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