This is my personal list of digital equipment I always take with me. Without those gadgets I wouldn’t be able to memorise all these amazing moments I have experienced while travelling. So, for me, this list of resources for backpacker is indispensable. 

It’s a good replacement for a DSLR camera, which is too big to carry around the world.The Canon Powershot G1X is compact, has a wicked picture quality, long-lasting batteries, lots of manual settings just like a DSLR.

That is the best you can get for to be on the road. Light on weight, works quick and you can syncronises easy with your Iphone / or Ipad. I love my MacBook Pro so much!

The GoPro Hero is literally the hero under the cameras. It’s small size, the HD quality and now the Wifi function. Unbeatable. I have used it so many times and the quality is just grand. Even cinema movies got filmed with this little camera.

The I phone 7 has got amazing apps, synchronises automatically with my Macbook and iPad. I love it. The camera on the Iphone 7 is better than any camera in any Iphone before and perfect to take some snap chats along the way when you don’t have your Canon handy right now.

saves you to carry around lots of books, you can always read what you want and with the Wifi function you can download the book you wanna read now straight onto it. Yes, there is the kindle application on the Iphone, but remember, it’s bad for your eyes to read on a screen.

That’s probably my favourite item. Without the solar charger, I would’ve been stranded many many times. It charges all sorts of phones as well as many different devices through it’s 2 USB connections. Yes, you can charge 2 devices at the same time and just let the sun do the rest. Top device to take when climbing Kilimanjaro or hiking out bush!

Ehhm, actually, this is my absolute favourite! Most amazing headphones ever! For long flights / bus and boat rides – perfect. The quality of the sound which comes out of these little speakers is just amazing. It gives me the feeling as if I would sit inside the speakers. Rave on rave on!

Make sure your memory card has got enough space to keep all your amazing memories captured. You don’t want your SD card to be full while climbing the highest mountain on the planet! I took it to Kilimanjaro and I am very glad I did.

Quick, sturdy and offers lots of space. An external hard drive with 2TB storage! A must to back up your travel pictures and other data during your journey!

Life saver #1! Nowadays there are lot’s of ‘stories’ to share in Instagram and Snapchat, and this uses A LOT of battery from your phone. Make sure you have a portable battery charger with you at all times, so you can be sure to capture all your amazing moments!

Which digital devices to you carry with you in when you travel around the world? Let us know and comment below.




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