A very warm welcome to YOU dear fellow traveller ! You are now part of my Exclusive Travel Club. 

Thanks for signing up and for your interest in exploring our beautiful planet! As a reward for this decision, you will be benefitting from my travel agent rates as a member of the Exclusive Travel Club.

Why can I offer better rates than any STA Travel Agency can for example? Because other agencies have huge marketing costs, offices and staff to pay. I don’t have those running costs as I am a one-women band. I have access to an exclusive travel agent system which is not open to the public and therefore I am able to get you the most competitive rates you can find on the market.

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There will be HOT DEALS as well. HOT DEALS are the deals which are even more affordable than the ‘usual’ offers you will be receiving. How come so? Travel companies like to fill their spots on the trips, so once they realize they have a few spots left on the upcoming trip, they will give away the last few spots dirt cheap in order to make their trip a more fun and unforgettable adventure. So, stay tuned!

We have been implementing new marketing systems over the past weeks in order to make sure to get the right content to the right people and we are getting started this week! Enjoy!

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